Interior/Exterior painting

Preparation is the key to a top quality finished product. We take the time and care to prepare all surfaces including:

  • Pressure washing all exterior surfaces to be painted
  • Scraping off any loose paint 
  • Caulking all cracks to provide a seamless finish
  • Patching and repairing all holes 
  • Applying texture where needed for an even finish
  • Priming to seal and protect 
  • Masking and taping off all areas to be protected


The Paint

We will work with you to find the specific product that is right for your project. Of which we only use low and zero VOC paint to remain environmentally friendly. 



Window Washing

Professional window cleaning  for a sparkling clear view.



Color Consultation

We are happy to provide you with a color consultation by an experienced decorator at your request. 




Using quality products we will seal, protect, and refresh any wood surfaces including:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Interior/Exterior trim and doors
  • Shake shingles